A splinter from the past. and movement toward the furure

All things are never equal.

In this case, my plans for a rapid turnaround of the next chapter of Quicksliver fell victim to the fact that we’ve put our house on the market and needed to do some hasty decluttering — and then my plans were not equal to the task of doing the  decluttering at the same time I was doing some disaster-recovery as my main working computer bit the dust.

Now that the back-up computer has been crowned king and the laptop named viceroy we’ll be getting back in gear — and we’re continuing with the process of shifting our base of operations, as well.  What that means is that files, both paper and computer, that have long been unused, are being weeded, and in some cases rediscovered.

Sharon, for example, found an out-take from the Crystal Soldier/Crystal Dragon duology — and found it so readable that she had to share. You can see it as “Strings, strands, and vines in motion” … and if you like, you can support the story. Also there’s an author’s intro for those who need to know more.

Meanwhile, work on Quicksliver is going forward, and my loyal readers have already moved us nearly one hundred dollars toward the goal of chapter seven. Thanks for all the support and the trust — forward motion is returning!

  1. Regina Cohen’s avatar

    Hi Steve,
    Good luck on medical issues and house move. Hopefully successful and pleasing. (I hate packing myself.). Your July comment mentioned that you were now working toward Quicksilver chapter 7, but I do not yet see any link for Chapter 6 in the lists. Thought that with all the distractions and move/preps that you might have overlooked the final connection if the chapter itself has been completed. Have a great holiday season, both of you. Cheers. Regina



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