It’s So Easy On The Mountain

This is Sharon.

So, Steve was apparently, eventually, going to do an audiobook of TimeRags.  For all I know, he completed the project, and I haven’t found the file yet.

In the meantime, here he is reading one of his favorite poems, “It’s so easy on the mountain.”

Transcription follows.


It’s So Easy On The Mountain

It’s so easy on the mountain
to be free of other worries and other thoughts
it’s natural in the heights
when one wrong move
crashes you ten thousand feet
to rock:
there is nothing else

And when you see the snow and smog
over man’s constant cities
you’re above it all:
distant threats
inked upon a lawbook’s page
can’t touch you here,
for escape is easy on the mountain

we together can grasp air
with our hands,
make ourselves eaglets or doves
and smile
while we reach together
for the rocks

– Steve Miller