Author’s Intro: Strings, strands, and vines in motion

I love this splinter: “Strings, strands, and vines in motion”!

Why, you ask?

Omighod, where to start?

OK — first, it has Cantra; who is one of my favorite characters to write.

Second — it has Cantra’s brother, Pleny, he who, in the final book, struck a teacher and thereby caused ‘way more trouble than he could ever have been expecting.

Third — it has that spaceport!  That world!  The smartstrands!

Fourth — it has wine!  and the mother of the vine!

Fifth — oh, no, that’s enough.  Let’s just say that I love this splinter, and I’m really glad I found it when I was cleaning out all those blessed typescripts.

I hope you enjoy reading this one as much as I did.  If you did, please consider donating — to Cantra, to the site, or to the author who has just filled up six big black trash bags with old typescripts.

Here’s your link.