About Splinter Universe

What the Heck is a Splinter Universe?

We’re glad you asked.

Splinter Universe is a genre fiction feature site from Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.  We post, as close to weekly as possible,  new stories and pieces of interest by fantasy and science fiction professionals to go along with our own stories and teases, character sketches, out-takes from old stories, and even portions of failed or abandoned stories. From time to time,  perhaps the occasional cartoon or comic will grace these pages.

Some, even most, of the Lee & Miller stories will be based in Sharon and Steve’s Liaden Universe®.  However, the authors reserve the right to post a story set elsewhere, and to introduce new characters and situations. Splinters? Splinters are what happens when a story doesn’t get done, or gets edited, leaving behind partially realized and readable segments and ideas.  Some if the splinters here may yet grow into a new tree of a story….

* * *

Oh, and in case you like this idea, we will admit that the more interest we see in the projects we share here, the more likely we are to spend our time and energy here, too.

If you’d like to share the URL, that’s great. If you want to send us a dollar, that’s good, and if you want to send us $5 a month, or $1 a week, we promise you they’ll all go to the cause of keeping us fulltime writers and editors.

Each story, splinter, or feature — particularly the Guest Stories — will have a donation button. Guest Stories and features are supported individually, with all funds going directly to the author — at the author’s own donation address.

Splinter Universe — the site — can be supported through the Paypal button set in the sidebar, or if you prefer snailmail, send to:

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Thanks for reading, and thanks for all the support!