Elsewhere here on Splinter Universe there are splinters of fiction, portions of stories that were either not used where originally intended, not completed, or things that needed to be written so that other things could be written. Among the splinters posted  as I write this are chapters for a planned novel — Quicksliver  — that I started back in 1977.  Since posting those chapters I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from folks wanting to see more. Some think the start is fine as it goes, some think it is a good start but needs help, some are more intrigued by the hints of characters in the 10,000 words or so that are there.  I find that I still have ideas for it, still recall some (but not all) of the planned adventures, and though some of the ideas, characters,  and adventures originally planned for it have been siphoned off into other stories and novels, there’s still that core of wonder that first brought Quicksliver‘s story to me in the first place.Rather than leave Bannit and his friends any longer, I’m going to avidly mine that core of wonder and bring Quicksliver together, in the same fashion that we brought Fledgling and Saltation to you: most weeks a chapter, with pauses for conventions and travel and such. The ground rules will also be similar. That means the first three chapters will be free (yes, they may largely consist of the current 3 chapter splinter, which will come down for revision and recasting before June 2) and after that I’ll present a new chapter at a rate of about a chapter a week, as long as I’ve received $500 in the story teller’s bowl for the current chapter. If the bowl isn’t filled, we’ll wait to continue until it is.  If we get beyond 30 chapters worth of support — 30 chapters is the goal —  we’ll add some stretch goals — watch for them! including, perhaps some stretch goals for individuals. Anyone is free to read the story… and will be until several weeks after the online draft is finished. Once it is, we’ll get it edited and made into an ebook, with those donating $10 able to get one for free  — but all the details are not in yet, because we do anticipate details to develop as we get ready for a June 2 mid-day launch.

Thanks for reading, and for all your support.

Steve Miller –May, 2014

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  1. Hanneke’s avatar

    I liked the start. It feels like a rich, complex world to build an interesting story in, and I’d like to see it continued.
    It feels like it’s been some time since I read any SFF stories with a strong ESP element ; Anne mcCaffrey’s Damia series were the last, I think, until some ebook rereleases of old Randall Garrett stories a year or so ago. Your own Liaden universe allows for its existence, strongly in the Crystal duology, and the present Tree (and historically the dragons) as well as the dramliz have some of that too, though it’s not the central point of the story. With the Pern dragons, and the Valdemar Companions… now I think about it there’s a bit of telepathy in quite a few not so old SFF books I’ve enjoyed.
    Maybe the element is due for a new revival, fresh and new for the new younger audience?
    It’s no more unbelievable than any other kind of magic or special gifts, and I wouldn’t consider the story dated for including it.

    I understand Paypal charges you something for each payment, and so I prefer giving one donation at once, instead of lots of little micro-donations for each chapter.
    If this messes up your system, you could tally a dollar to each chapter until it runs out, or if a lot of people act like me maybe carry anything over 500 earned by the first chapter over into the next- would that be acceptable?


  2. Raymond Schumann’s avatar


    I don’t understand the set up in the original splinters. It looks to me like someone hiring a bodyguard is obliged to, well, act as a bodyguard for his bodyguard. Otherwise he becomes liable to an unknown but life altering extent.

    No doubt this makes sense by local custom. It doesn’t make sense to me. It strikes me as less dangerous to do without a bodyguard entirely. At least you’ll only have one person to protect.

    I hope your rewrite will clarify this outré practice, for the uninitiated reader.



    1. Administrator’s avatar

      So far I haven’t decided which parts will change; I’m going to start at word one and go over all of it. We shall see….



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