Cast of Characters: The Cards of Fortunate Destiny

The Cards of Fortunate Destinies

Cast of Characters

Main Characters

Sarah Butler

A self-reliant and resourceful woman in her late twenties, until recently a hopeful doctoral student of animal behavior.

The Butlers trace their line back to Lord Baltimore’s original grant, and indeed to the original indigenous people, but Sarah has been used to the wide wilderness for many years, and interaction with “real” predators. Returning to Baltimore to care for cats is not her idea of a good time. A job, however, is a job and she intends to do this one to the best of her ability, as she does everything.

Sarah early showed a marked affinity for, and ability to communicate with, animals. She also displayed a certain aptitude in predicting the fall of cards, which her aunt Betty Anne, who raised her, allowed to be a family talent – “I can do it. Your mother could do it, your grandmother could do it, and all the aunts, too. Most of us had the sense not to put it on display, but Molly thought something could be learned from it, so she turned herself into the Rhines and wasted a couple years of her life there. Sniff. “ESP, indeed.” – of not much use to anybody.

Tall and dark, Sarah is in wonderful physical shape by reason of having been following predators around rugged countryside for a number of years, and not easily frightened.



Dimondury Sandolph of the House of Silken Waters aka Misty the cat aka Dolph

A landless elf, once a prince.

Sent as a hostage to his father’s good behavior to the court of Queen Glorianna until such time as the hostilities between their Houses were resolved. Because of this situation, he was the only one of his House to survive the catastrophic destruction of their island realm. The Queen is now responsible for him – and has been for some number of hundred years. She doesn’t like it – or him – but honor must, after all, be served.

Landless, kinless and with no responsibilities at Court, Dolph spends much of his time in the World of Iron. He has read history at Oxford (twice), owned and tended at least one tavern, crewed on whalers and on clipper ships, taken a degree in chemistry, studied psychology, and stage magic.

For an elf, Dolph is not particularly well-favored, and his lack of status does not endear him to ladies – or even gentlemen – of the elvish persuasion. By human standards, he is more than passably pretty, in a narrow-faced, long-nosed brown-haired sort of way.

Prince Rhy of the Fair Country

Queen Glorianna’s youngest son – ambitious, bored and, for an elf, not very magically adept. Rhy wants to be great – indeed, he wishes to be King of the Fair Country. Alas, since his parents are immortal, this is unlikely to occur. It would be unlikely to occur, anyway, with him being the youngest of seven sons, and arguably the least of them, but Rhy does have vanity – and a growing frustration with his lot – on his side.

Gerald Pickersgill

Of the Baltimore Pickersgills. From old money, Gerald has lately fallen heir to his family’s real estate business is determined to remake the city in his image – and to his profit. Anything is expendable, saving his goals – feral cats aren’t even on his radar, except as pests, to be exterminated at need.

Jeremy Fine

A lawyer, fiercely on the side of the underdog. He volunteers at Monumental City Works, a co-op of lawyers committed to protecting the legal rights of non-profit organizations. Jeremy has been stalking Gerald Pickersgill since they were in law school together, and would very much like to be the one who brings him to book.

Jeremy is compact and intense with an unexpected and quirky sense of humor. He and Sarah hit it off very well.

Black Annie, aka Sweet Annie, aka Gentle Annie

A Lesser Fey, and Protector of cats.




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    oh good ghod … hooked on another Lee and Miller story line … when will the madness end ? (hopefully never !!)

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    You have cast your net, and I am caught — I am eagerly waiting for more!

    I sincerely hope that the comment below about HTML tags and attributes is permissive, not obligatory — years ago I drew a line in the sand with HTML firmly on the far side. Sharon, I admire your fight with the technology needed to establish this (and other) web pages, and to post the e-texts of the chapbooks, etc. Your work is appreciated!

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    Eagerly awaiting more on these interesting characters

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    I’ve been craving something Miller and Lee or Miller or Lee 😉 This looks to be the beginning of a wonderful story.

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