Chapter Ten of The Wrong Lance is now ready for your perusal.

Next week — August 10 — Chapter Eleven, aka the Place Where it Died, will make its appearance; and the week after will see the publication of the Author’s Afterword.

Once this has happened, the files will remain on Splinter Universe and on Patreon through September 11.  After that date, the chapters   will be taken down and gathered into the second Splinter Universe Presents chapbook.  The plan is to make the chapbook available on October 27, concurrent with the mass market paperback release of Accepting the Lance, aka The Right Lance.

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And! Here’s Chapter Ten.


The Wrong Lance, Chapter Nine is up and hoping that you’ll read it.

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Chapter Eight of The Wrong Lance is up and ready for you to read.

Remember, if you would like to talk to other readers of TWL, there is a discussion area, here.


Here’s the link to Chapter Eight!

This is a place where those who wish to do so may talk over The Wrong Lance.

Since The Wrong Lance is, at heart, a Splinter, I’m unclear in my own mind whether spoilers, as such, might be a danger.  However, I think it fair to say that if you are avoiding The Wrong Lance, or are waiting to read it until the final chapter has posted, or until there is an ebook compilation — then you may not want to venture into comments.

For those who want to Talk About It — the Comment Section is yours.  Have fun!



Chapter Seven of The Wrong Lance is awake now and receiving visitors.

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Today is Sprite’s eighth birthday, and as part of the celebrations of the day, she would like you to read this chapter of The Wrong Lance.

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And here’s a picture of Sprite.

Chapter Five of The Wrong Lance is up and waiting to be read.

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Chapter Four of The Wrong Lance is now up and waiting for you to read it.

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Chapter Three of The Wrong Lance is now available for you — yes, you! — to read.

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