Shadow of Artemia Chapter Three now live

Chapter Three of the the Lomar Fasholt splinter, Shadow of Artemia is now live!

For those keeping score, there are two more Lomar splinters after this one, with the last being posted on November 1.

A note about splinters, as there seems to be some Question.

Splinters are — splinters.  They are not whole stories; they are bits, bobs, and outtakes that for some reason that very rarely has to do with the Actual Writing, did not — or cannot be made to — fit into existing storylines.  As such, they do not come to a Satisfying Conclusion.  Mostly, they just — stop.

We post splinters because some readers find such things interesting, and as a way to illustrate that writing is so very much an intuitive process — an art, if you will, no matter how hard we try to ring it around with rules or pour it into flowcharts.

Here’s the links to the chapters so far:


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three


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