New Splinter: Shadow of Artemia

Those of you who have been with us for awhile, or who have at least read Conflict of Honors, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (the second published Liaden Universe® novel), will remember where this All Started.

In the course of that novel, Shan pays a visit to a longstanding and valued trade partner — Lomar Fasholt.  The situation on Lomar’s homeworld is changing and not in a good way.  The Temple has recently decreed that traders may only do business with outworlders whose families are properly headed by women, and there seems to be worse in the offing.

During the scene in Conflict of Honors, Shan and Priscilla have a run-in with a priestess of the Temple, and only escape by means of a ruse.  Shan didn’t expect that this ruse would cause trouble for his trade partner, who he values, but — well.  Korval and their damned luck.

Over the years, Steve and I have tried several times to come to terms with Lomar.  One attempt is “Songs of the Fathers,” which was published in FROM EVERY STORM: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® No. 35.

The fragments that will be posted here are another attempt.  We abandoned this one at just over 9,500 words, when we realized that, to do justice to the storyline, we would have to write at least four books and maybe more, and that the story was going into a darker place than we usually like to go.

Facts of possible interest:

1  Lomar has eight husbands.  In order of marriage they are: Terbus, Jeni, Aramis, Karaman, Ronlath, Vroyd, Sleak, Nathin

2  Lomar has three daughters:  Sima, Brit, and Aster

And I think that’s enough to get us started.

Here’s the link to Shadow of Artemia, Chapter One


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