Lee and Miller Boskone 60 Schedule

And! the Final Boskone 60 schedules have arrived.

Things you need to know about this schedule:

1   All panels are 1 hour, by which Boskone means 55 minutes.

2   Our joint reading is 25 minutes, by which Boskone means 20 minutes.

3   The above time-slips are so that the room can be cleared, and allows the next event to start on-time.

4   You will note that there is no separate “autographing” item.  Please do bring your books to the Book Party on Saturday night and we’ll bring our pens.

5   Boskone 60, February 17-19 at the Westin Boston Seaport, featuring  Nalo Hopkinson, Victo Ngai, Tui T. Sutherland, Dave Clement, Jeanette Epps.  Here’s your link

Lee and Miller’s Boskone 60 Schedule


Building Fandom and Community
Marina 2
Fri 5:30 PM
Duration: 01:00
Janice Gelb (Janice Gelb) mod, Steve Miller, Jen Wilson-Hughes, Scott Edelman, Lisa Hertel
Fandom is a glorious and multifaceted thing that spans generations and genres. It’s become more than a little fragmented over the years, but we are all still part of a larger whole. What have we lost with the fragmenting of fandom? How can its niche groups engage with the wider fan community while still honoring and protecting what makes them unique? This will be an inclusive session aimed at bringing people together.

Reading: Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Fri 8:30 PM
Duration: 00:25
Featuring Sharon Lee & Steve Miller as they team up for this special Boskone reading from one of their published or in-process works. They will also host an author Q&A as time permits


Worldbuilding from the Ground Up
Harbor 1 – Hybrid
Sat 10:00 AM
Duration: 01:00
Liz Delton (mod), Marshall Ryan Maresca, Suzanne Palmer, Steve Miller, Paul Di Fillipo
Some spectacular stories take place in worlds very different from our own: from life on (or in) a gas giant to a civilization that lives on a world-tree as big as the Himalayas. But there are perils associated with venturing far beyond human experience. An inconsistent or poorly described worldscape can result in a confusing story or challenge a reader’s ability to suspend disbelief. Hear from writers who have created fully realized worlds that their readers can almost see, touch, and smell.

Writing Romance across Genres
Marina 2
Sat 4:00 PM
Duration: 01:00
Christie Meierz (mod), Darlene Marshall, Sharon Lee, Andrea D Hairston
Romance plays well with other genres, creating threads that weave easily across stories, connecting characters and causing conflict. Our panelists explore the hallmarks of the romance genre, and how to pepper romantic plots and subplots in your fantastic and futuristic worlds. How can we best incorporate romantic tropes into other genres in a way that feels fresh and dynamic? And how do you write romantic conflict in realistic and compelling ways as couples try to survive your next plot twist.

Boskone Book Party
Galleria – Autographing
Sat 5:30 PM
Duration: 01:00
Jane Yolen, Andrea D Hairston, Annalee Newitz, C. S. E. Cooney, Cat Scully, Dana Cameron, Michael Green Jr., Yvette Lisa Ndlovu, Theodora Goss, Steve Miller (and Sharon Lee), Mike Allen, Laurie Mann
Come join the fun at Boskone 60’s Book Party. You’ll meet the authors and publishers who have new books coming out at the con! This is your chance to see what’s new from writers you already love, as well as those you have yet to discover.

A Muddle of Mad Scientists
Marina 4
Sat 7:00 PM
Duration: 01:00
Chad Childers (mod), Gillian Lynn Daniels, Sharon Lee, Michael M. Jones
From Faust to Dr. Horrible, genre fiction is filled with crazily creative geniuses. Why do we love them? What makes the mad scientist character so appealing in horror, comedy, and everything in between? Join us for a mad, mad discussion featuring some of our favorite screwy scientists and inventors from the past, present, and future.
Participant information: Wearing of lab coats optional 🙂


The Shadow of the City
Harbor 2
Sun 11:30 AM
Duration: 01:00
Walter H. Hunt (mod), Carole Ann Moleti, Annalee Newitz, Sharon Lee, Darrell Schweitzer
What are the challenges and benefits of using a real-world city in your urban fantasy or other spec fic? How accurate do you need to be before locals cry foul? London, Tokyo and New York have served as settings for innumerable novels. How would these stories change if the Tube were replaced by the New York subway, or vice versa? And if the setting was Paris, New Delhi, or Sydney, how would the story change?

Kaffeeklatsch 1: Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Galleria – Kaffeeklatsch 1
Sun 1:00 PM
Duration: 01:00
Join these writers and a few fellow fans for an informal chat.  Sign up at Program Ops on the Upper Level near Registration, on Saturday after 10am.  You must be attending Boskone in person to sign up for this session, and you can only sign up for yourself.


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