Really, it *is* new in April “Roving Gambler” is the February story

Writing fiction is an odd habit — some stories happen so fast that you’re surprised that you’re done and others keep saying “oh, shiny!’ and make you want to rush off in all directions at once.

In the past, that “rushing off in all directions” happened to us with a story that came to be known as Balance of Trade and that story went from very short story idea, to a published novella to novel to … several novels. You just never can tell.

Roving Gambler started off as a quick idea that grew. Instead of the short-short originally envisioned… it turned into close to 20% of a novel, and this delayed things considerably.  We don’t know that Roving Gambler will grow into something more under the same title, but we know that characters here – and incidents and information as well – will be reflected in the greater Liaden canon over time.

Oh, and yes, we’ll be having something else new for you here in Splinter Universe next month, if not before.

Steve and Sharon



  1. jes’s avatar

    Worth waiting for. Thank you for the Easter treat.



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