Introduction to Riverweave

Riverweave was born from my twin interests in historical technology and social justice.  I was reading an article about some fairly recent form of slavery, and wondering what it would take for a people to not *know* that it was simply wrong. Yeah, idealist—that’s me!  The collision between magic and technology is another area of special curiosity for me.  So I imagined a land of magical people, confronted by colonists with greater technology, coming to exploit that land and all they found there. . .but rather than focus on battle, as we so often do, I wanted to look at how the aftermath of this “victory” would affect specific individuals.

That’s how I met the weaver, Molly, who has, as the reader will shortly discover, a different way of looking at things.  I incorporated a fair amount of handweaving jargon in the story, which hopefully will lend atmosphere.  Molly’s curse, “Slubs and thrums!” refers to “slubs”: lumps in yarn which can snarl the weaving process, and “thrums,” the leftover pieces that aren’t enough to use, but which weavers obsessively keep in the hopes they will prove to be good for something some day. . . sort of like a writer hoarding ideas and facts until they come together to make stories.

— E. C. Ambrose

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