Intro to 2 Pi To Live

We in this house are fond of pi. Not to say obsessional, but we have a pi-plate and pi-shaped ice cube trays, and our shower curtain displays pi to 4,600 decimal places.

However, our attachment runs deeper than mere fripperies and folderols. My wife’s birthday is the spring equinox, which comes of course just a week after Pi Day (14th March, 3/14 in American notation: which will always look odd to my British eye, but in this context it’s essential).

So my first birthday present to Karen was a short story, all about pi. And a chocolate beetroot birthday cake, which she liked well enough that we had it again for our wedding cake, three years later – but the story has lasted longer. I’ve read it on a couple of public occasions, but this is its first appearance in as-it-were print. In fonted format. In pixels. (We may need new words, for what this is – but let’s just call it publication, and be done.)

— Chaz Brenchley


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