Introduction to Shan & Priscilla Ride Again, Outtake Chapters

I believe we may have mentioned in the past that, originally, Steve and I had intended to do a direct sequel to Conflict of Honors, following Shan and Priscilla on their own timeline, until it intersected with Val Con and Miri in the book we know now as Carpe Diem.

Unfortunately, that sequel was never completed; Priscilla and Shan’s story became secondary to Miri and Val Con’s over-the-top adventures, and so the universe has taken on the shape it now has.

I say, note, that the sequel to Conflict was never completed. We did, however, begin to write it, and I, at least, had mostly forgotten about it, until I got into the file cabinets in order to move Stuff into boxes to go to the archives at NIU.

But, here it is, working title Shan and Priscilla Ride Again, with a start date at the top of Chapter One, written in what used to be my hand, in that green ink I used to favor: start approx 9/26/86

September 26, 1986. My charmingly low-tech card file tells me that we submitted Conflict of Honors to Del Rey on September 17, 1986. Looks like we took a week off to recover, and got right back down to it.

Ah, youth. Such energy.

The card file also tells me that we sent a proposal and the first 60 pages of the book that would become Carpe Diem to Del Rey on November 3, 1987. Our editor expressed Extreme Doubt, and strongly suggested that we write something else. Something. . .serious. Let go of this space opera nonsense before people thought that we weren’t capable of writing anything. . .good.

The next notation on the Carpe Diem page indicates that we sent the completed manuscript to Del Rey on October 3, 1988.

Now, along with the manuscript with the 1986 date at the top of Chapter One, there are handwritten notes, with another date — August 8, 1988. So, it looks like Carpe Diem went to Steve for his go-through, and I opened up Shan and Priscilla Ride Again, immediately, and began to try to recapture the magic.

I should mention that a lot happened between October 3, 1988, and November 17, 1988, the date on which we received a grumpy acceptance letter from the editor at Del Rey, indicating that our agent had had to exert all of her powers of persuasion to achieve that acceptance.

In fact, we had sold much of what we owned, and moved to Maine, arriving just in time for the first snowfall of October.

Moving house is an adventure. Shifting our base of operations from the state we had both lived in for all of our lives to that point (Steve was 38; I was 36) to a Whole ‘nother State was. . .almost overwhelming. We had to regroup on almost every level, and when we had finally found a place to live (to replace the house we had rented long-distance, and which arrangement had fallen through as we were on the road north), and day-jobs, it was December, and the revision letter for Carpe Diem reached us from Del Rey, asking us, among other things, to cut out the beginning of Pat Rin’s run and the segue into what is now I Dare. We returned the revised manuscript in January 1989, and the book was eventually published in October 1989.

And in all that rush, and the subsequent writing of The Tomorrow Log, to satisfy Del Rey’s option clause, and our editor’s adamance that we write something that was not Liaden — Shan and Priscilla Ride Again got lost.

What we have is about 22,000 words of novel, and two outtake chapters. We’ll be posting the chapters one every week until they run out, for your interest, and, frankly, for ours.

And to get us started, these two outtakes, which are interesting for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that we get to see Val Con before he became an Agent of Change.

Have fun!

Here’s your link to Outtake Chapter 10 and Outtake Chapter 15 of Shan and Priscilla Ride Again!

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  1. Theresa’s avatar

    Hello I love these splinters. Any chance we will get any outtakes from Pat Rin’s adventure? He is my favorite character but I feel his and Natesa’s stories are overshadowed by other members of Clan Korval.


  2. Godel Fishbreath’s avatar

    I support three creative people at a low level via patreon. Two do something every so often that gets my attention, and is only available to me as a $1 patreon.
    One thing that would interest me is a view to the writing process, the outtakes, the revisions, the marked up pages even.
    Any comments on why things were revised on this pass of this draft would also be gold to me as prototype writer. That might be of interest to your non-writer readers.
    But the drawback would be dedicating some time to your patreons, even just the time to post.

    One cartoonist has said that at the $25 level I could have a cameo as a background character. I might support that for a few months if that could become true.

    Patreon is similar to Kickstarter: rewards can fly your interest rate high.



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