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Traveling to The Future Monthly, and Looking Ahead

Over the years we — that’s Sharon Lee and Steve Miller — have done a pretty fair amount of traveling for our fiction. We’ve been Guests of Honor at conventions around the country, we’ve been to riverside hotels and motels in Canada and a pondside geese-infested hotel in Kansas City. We’ve crossed international borders in a Blazer loaded down with books and in a Subaru carrying a small box with all of our awards, ending up in Montreal, Fredericton, Toronto before returning home to Maine. We’ve traveled AMTRAK to dusty Salt Lake City, to beautiful downtown San Jose, to busy Atlanta, to Reno and to Minneapolis and Baltimore and Chicago and … well, you get the idea.

Around all the traveling,  in and among it, before it, between it and during it, we’ve been writing. Those of you who come here to Splinter Universe have likely seen more of that writing than others. Some few of you recall our early short stories in Amazing, Dragon Magazine, and Fantasy Book. Some were with us already, with Kinzel under their reading belt when Agent of Change came out, and others didn’t meet us until Plan B. Then there were some of you who came to us when we started the adventure of Fledgling and later Saltation, live on the web.

What’s true is that we now have readers who are searching out the rare stuff, and others waiting for the next novel, which is in progress. Yet that’s a wait and one thing we hear over and over again is that our fans are waiting for more from Lee & Miller — sometimes the day after the latest book is just out.

So we’ve been thinking about the heady days of Fledgling, when something new was always just around the corner for our fans, and we’ve decided to expand the mission of Splinter Universe to include at least a new story a month. Not just the bits and pieces we’ve set aside as we were writing others things and displaying here hit or miss as we have been (so yeah, we WILL SO be putting up the other alternate Klamath start RSN!) but at least one new Lee & Miller story here, each month.

Not all of the new monthly stories will be Liaden stories, not all of them will be science fiction — but they will be new from Lee & Miller.  While we like writing our novels, we discover over time that writing short fiction helps keep the novels fresh as well, and so rather than working on two novels simultaneously, for the near future we’re going to be collaborating more closely on one at a time. The short fiction idea backlog has grown tremendously over the years and now is a good time to take to odd day off and flesh out or finish these starts.

In addition to our own work here we expect to continue with our previous experiment of having the occasional guest story, so you’ll have an additional reason to come by frequently.

How can you help? First, by reading and enjoying the fiction we post here. If you really like something you can even tell your friends or nominate it for an award. Second — you can donate directly on a story page if you like it (thus giving us useful and particular feedback) or you can use the sidebar donation button to support Splinter Universe as a whole. For now donations for guest stories will go entirely to the author of those stories by their chosen paylink, so you’ll donate at the end of their stories.

Speaking of travel, I should mention that we’ll use upcoming Splinter Universe donations to help pay for our trips to our next several conventions. In our sights right now are Boskone, which we travel to most every February, and DetCon in July, and on the distant horizon, a cross country train trip to SasQuan, in Spokane, come August of next year.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for all the support.

Sharon and Steve





A Three Chapter Splinter, posted October 27

Well before before Lee & Miller became Lee & Miller Steve’s metamorphosis  from traveling poet to pro fictioneer had begun. But he’d been doing short fiction, and he’d had a life, and then, there was a start on a book never finished. Is it abandoned? Delayed? Three chapters from Quicksliver are presented as the newest Splinter Universe offering — and you can read the author’s intro to start, if you like.


New Story!

Steve and I have been ignoring Splinter Universe as we took care of some other things, professional and private, that had kind of gotten piled up.

We’re still super busy, and can’t promise a story every week, or even every month, but! we couldn’t let the Summer Solstice go by without giving y’all a beach story.

This one’s set in Surfside, the next town up from Archers Beach, familiar to those of you who’ve read Carousel Tides* — and every word is absolutely true!

Of course.

Here’s your link to Emancipated Child.

Enjoy! And if you like the story, please consider donating by clicking the PayPal button at the bottom of the page.

–Sharon Lee, June 20, 2012

*If you haven’t read Carousel Tides, but would like to, it’s available in mass market paperback and in trade paper from your favorite local bookstore, from Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, and in the ebook format of your choice directly from the publisher, Baen Books.

Klamath updated again: See Klamath, Splinter 4

Klamath updated again: Look for Klamath, Splinter 4

Steve and Sharon spent several weeks buffing one project (Dragon Ship) and finishing up another (Necessity’s Child) and then fought with an old scanner/software combination until they gave in … and got a new solution, which makes turning old-brown pages of 16 lb newsprint covered in 9-pin dot matrix squiggles into free-flowing electronic pages a heck of a lot easier.

We’ll try to keep up a more or less weekly up-date schedule until our summer travels slow us a bit; in the meantime, right now in fact,
you can go read the latest Klamath installment, right here:

As always, we’re taking donations to support the on-going needs of the Cat Farm’s online projects like splinters for Splinter Universe.

First Klamath Splinter is live!

The story of Klamath is complex, and as we present it here in Splinter Universe, both unfinished and in disparate and at times conflicting pieces. Our parts in the story came from a piece of back-brain information that filtered through to us while Agent of Change, the first Liaden Universe novel, was in progress. That information was the news that Miri Robertson, Mercenary Soldier, had not always lived a pure and wholesome life and in fact had taken a bit of a detour from the straight and narrow following the the effective destruction of civilization on Klamath, if not before.


Steve’s intro here

Jump right to the First! Splinter!