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A new splinter for the Silver Anniversary

Steve and I had intended to write a new story for the Liaden Universe® Silver Anniversary, but. . .

The world has been just a little too much with us.  Deadlines, real-life matters, including the fact that we — or at least I — have been under quite a bit of heavy weather.

So, anyway, the brand-new story went on hold — after all, this is the twenty-fifth year of the Liaden Universe®; plenty of time to write a new story when the schedule becomes, shall we say, a little less action-packed and filled with excitement?

Still. . .we felt that the occasion of February — the month in which It All Began, back in 1988, with Agent of Change, and the month that It All Continues, with the publication of Necessity’s Child — we felt that the occasion should be marked in some way.

Which is why we’re offering a splinter; the first 12,000-ish words of the Lute and Moonhawk novel we put aside in 1996, meaning to get back to it, someday.

We hope you enjoy it.

Here’s the link.

Where did the stories *go* mama?

Because I have rocks for brains, I forgot to say that the two stories which have aged off the site, “Kin Ties,” and “Guaranteed Delivery,” are now available in eChapbook Courier Run, available in the Nook Store, the Kindle Store and at Smashwords.

Pinbeam Books is a useful guide to the eChapbooks, and what’s in each, with a link to each book’s catalog page at BN/Amazon/Smashwords.

Sharon Lee

Ghost Ship splinter posted

Here’s something a little different — a couple of chapters that didn’t make it into the final of Ghost Ship.  They make a nice little scene, taken by themselves, and enhance the characters a bit.  It was one of my regrets that, as Ghost Ship finally took shape, there wasn’t any room for Yulie Shaper, Korval’s new neighbor.


Sharon Lee
September 21, 2011