Monday, noon, and other habits

Our long-time Friends of Liad — many who have been reading our stories for decades — often tell us they especially miss the halcyon days of Fledgling and Saltation when “Monday noon” was a thing. It meant a new chapter in the Liaden Universe® was up — or would be appearing momentarily. And there was a thrill on both sides over this, because the posting schedule not only gave you, our fans, something to look for, but it gave us a weekly focus as well.

While we aren’t currently sharing a new Liaden novel chapter-by-chapter, we do want to return to that Monday noon habit, get some of that “watch the skies” back into one of the drabbest days of the week.

So for the moment, watch for something new from Lee & Miller, or Miller, or Lee, on Mondays at noon. Toward the end of the week we’ll be adding other things for you to read — last week that was a story by Alma Alexander, and this week we’re scheduling a story by Chaz Brenchley.

No, the guest stories are not Liaden Universe® stories, and won’t be. Sometimes the Lee & Miller or Lee-or-Miller pieces we’ll share here may not be Liaden stories either.  What will be happening is more fiction, more reading. 

And for this week, here’s Sharon’s intro to “Code of Honor” … enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Monday, noon, and other habits”

      1. Well, now I’m conflicted…happy that Baen’s publishing, but bummed that I missed the reading window and have to wait for the ebook release.

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