The Rifle’s First Wife is our January, 2014 story

“The Rifle’s First Wife” is a novelette we’ve had in hand for a few months, inspired in part by all the sudden activity on Surebleak, the unexpected haven in our recent Liaden Universe® adventures.

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3 comments to The Rifle’s First Wife is our January, 2014 story

  • Julien McKinney Young  says:

    Please make the three splinter stories:
    The Rifles First Wife, Roving Gambler, Code of Honor visible on your Splinter site. They seem to have disappeared.

    • Sharon  says:

      I’m very sorry, but we should have made them disappear some time ago, as they now belong to Baen and will be in the Liaden Universe(R) Constellation Volume 3, which will be out in August.

      • Julien McKinney Young  says:

        Thanks for the update. I’ll keep my eye out for Constellation #3.
        I enjoy your story telling (especially the cultures of the Xtrang and the Clutch turtles as they intersect with Liaden & Terran.)

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