Site cleanup warning!

Over the next few days-or-weeks, I will be aging stories off the site, compiling them into eChapbooks, and uploading them to Amazon, BN, and possibly Smashwords, depending on how much of a pain in the neck Smashwords is being this week.


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  • catherine muir  says:

    Hoping that these will turn up on Baen, maybe in Constellation #3? – or some maybe as part of a later book – since I won’t buy DRM. I have greatly enjoyed keeping up with the Liaden universe in the drought between books.

    • Sharon  says:

      I’m not sure I understand the DRM remark. I mean — I understand that you won’t buy DRM. But none of our eChapbooks are DRM’d.

      As to Constellation Three; it’ll be a while before we have enough words to justify a third compilation.

      Thanks for reading.

      • catherine muir  says:

        Forgive me if I misunderstood – I had believed that B&N and Amazon automatically used DRM for everything they sold. I normally wait for Baen, even if it takes a while, for that reason.

        (worth waiting for anyway).

        • Sharon  says:

          You had believed incorrectly. Both BN and Amazon give me (the author/publisher) the choice of whether or not I want to DRM the book I am publishing. I choose NO.

          And — everything we do does not automatically, eventually, filter to Baen. Much does, granted, but not everything. For instance. If the two Constellations do not sell well, there will be no third, no matter how many short stories we write — and we seem to be in the habit. Reality does have a way of trumping assumption.

          • catherine muir  says:

            Thank you, I have now managed to buy the chapbooks I’ve been really wanting for – oh, about 4 years now. I do find it considerable change to be tied to a single e-reader type, instead of being able to read anywhere, with anything; but at least I *can* read them now. I will try not to take any more of your time away from writing what comes next!

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